Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The English Patient #6 - Live!

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  • Braintax - The 90s EP

    Joey Brains is back with a new lp ready to rumble, 'Panorama' hits the stores on the 23rd October. He's also on tour alongside his long standing sparring partner Mystro, as well as DJ Kam and funky drummer Isaac Heywood (of Nightmares On Wax fame).

    To celebrate his return after a 5 year hiatus, we present a compilation of the best work from his pre-Biro Funk era.

    Check it, check it, buy the lp and catch the tour!

    Tour Dizzates

    Fri Oct 20th Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
    Sat Oct 21st Bristol, Fiddlers
    Tue Oct 24th Sheffield, The Tuesday Club
    Fri Oct 27th Leicester, The Charlotte


  • Monday, October 16, 2006


    /\lt.West #2 - Live!

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  • People Under The Stairs - Live Audio
  • People Under The Stairs - Live Videos

    Just to prove that Hip Hop gigs are like buses - you wait around for one to come for what seems like eternity, and then two come at once. In the case of the People Under The Stairs, their current tour dovetales with Dooley-O's crew at Nottingham's detonate hip hop/dnb mini-fest, hosted by Rock City this Wednesday.

    I have seen PUTs live on two occasions now; once at the Essential Festival - London in 2001, and then in Galway - Ireland two years ago this month. Both sets were pure quality, so don't miss this chance to catch one of the best live hip hop acts of this decade.

    If you live in Nottz, then it'll be a case of 'two for the price of one' - something you'll rarely find down at the bus station!

  • Remaining Tour Dates

    Mon 16th October - Manchester, Roadhouse
    Tue 17th October - Leeds, The Faversham
    Wed 18th October - Nottingham, Rock City
    Thu 19th October - Aberdeen, Snafu
    Sat 21st October - Newcastle, The Other Rooms
    Mon 23rd October - York, Fibbers
    Wed 25th October - Bournemouth, Consortium
    Thu 26th October - Swansea, Monkey Bar
    Fri 27th October - Liverpool, Magnet
    Sat 28th October - Dublin, Crawdaddy
    Sun 29th October - Cork, Savoy


    Dooley-O + Edan + More - On Tour!

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  • Dooley-O - Videos From The 'I Gotcha Album'
  • Dooley-O - Official Website

    Hot on the heals of Dooley-O's latest EP "Still Gotcha" and his forthcoming lp release "I Gotcha", the whole Lewis Recordings massive are now on tour in the UK.

    New Haven's favourite son is joined by his fellow New Englander Edan, alongside Dahga, Andrew Thompson, Mighty Casey and DJ Mikey Mike Lewis.

    They are pretty much travelling the length and breadth of the country, so there is no excuse not to catch them.

    Thu 5th October - Bristol, Thekla
    Sun 8th October - Liverpool, No Fakin @ Magnet
    Wed 11th October - Carlisle, Brickyard
    Thu 12th October - Glasgow, Sub Club
    Fri 13th October - Leeds
    Sat 14th October - Dublin, Crawdaddy
    Wed 18th October - Nottingham, Rock City
    Thu 19th October - Brighton, Ocean Rooms
    Fri 20th October - Cheltenham, Sub Tone
    Sat 21st October - London, Cargo


  • Friday, October 13, 2006


    Back By Dope Demand

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  • Eric B & Rakim - Unreleased Classics EP

    Hey yo, you might've seen these mp3's out there in blogland before, but their back again in case ya missed 'em.

    Eric B & Rakim became giants of the hip hip game, but disbanded in 1992 after their final lp 'Dont Sweat The Technique' ran it's course.

    They both put out solo lp's in the late 1990's but failed to recapture that classic sound we remember them by. Wouldn't it be great if someone unearthed more songs from that classic era which were left on the cutting room floor.?

    Well never fear, we present 'Unreleased Classics' comprising of demo's recorded by the duo circa 1992-1994.

    Know The Ledge!

  • Monday, October 09, 2006


    The Heavy Bronx Experiance #3

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  • Ultramagnetic MC's - Is It Them/Skip (exclusive Back To The Future snippet)
  • *BUY* Ultramagnetic MC's - Mechanism Nice (Born Twice)
  • The Factshen - Official Ultramagnetic Website

    After a year 13 year hiatus, CHHV fav's the Ultramagnetic MC's are back with a new studio lp!!

    Entitled 'Back To The Future' it re-unites original members Kool Keith, Ced Gee, T.R. Love & DJ Moe Love alongside their resident associate and original bronx nigga Tim Dog.

    Their first single off the new album 'Mechansim Nice (Born Twice)' is out now in stores and online, with a release date for their long player pencilled in for early 2007.

    Underground hip hop is about to enter an exciting period with new lp's doing the rounds from Sadat X, A.G., Planet Asia, Black Sheep, C.L. Smooth, Visionaries and Peanut Butter Wolf. To whet your appetite we present an exclusive two track sneak preview snippet from Back To The Future.

    Give the drummer some!

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