Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Built For The Nineties #2

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  • Cru - Just Another Case (video)
  • Diamond - The Hiatus (video)
  • The Alkaholiks - The Next Level (video)
  • Ol' Dirty Bastard - Brooklyn Zoo (video)

    BFTN returns with four more fresh as a daisy videos from the golden era decade. This time round there is a connection between each video.

    First up is Cru with "Just Another Case", this three man posse appeared from nowhere with a feel good-early 90's throw back sound, in the summer of 1997. This lead single from their lp "Da Dirty 30" featured a chorus flipped from Slick Rick's "Childrens Story", as well as Ricky D in full effect on one of the verses. Two more singles "Bubblin" and "Lisa Lipps" surfaced before the group dispanded. Cru's beatsmith Yogi went onto produce for Puff Daddy on a selection of his lp's.

    Next in line is "Hiatus" from the same year, at the time it signalled the long awaited return of Diamond who's 2nd lp was ready to drop. The remix of this song (not featured in the video) was a lot more smoothed out and featured the lyrical skills of Cru.

    Two years ealier Diamond produced and featured in our next track. "The Next Level" consolidated The Alkaholiks reputation for quality hip hop with both underground and mainstream appeal. "Coast II Coast" their sophomore album also spawned the crowd pleasing anthem "DAAAM!"

    ODB was the second Wu Tang member to go solo after Method Man's "Tical", and "Brooklyn Zoo" was his debut single in 1995. A nice taster track that prepared us well for his finest moment "Shimmy Shimmy Ya", which dropped shortly after in the same year. Fast forward to 1997 again, and you would've found The Liks and Ol Dirty joining forces on the intoxicating "Hip Hop Drunkies"

    1nce again, enjoy!

  • Sunday, May 14, 2006


    Underground Hip Hop Dot Com

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    Hey there, following my escapades in Boston last month, my friends over at UGHH inform me that they have a videos page with clipz-a-plenty available for download.

    Point your browser to:


  • Wednesday, May 10, 2006


    /\lt.West #1

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  • Move.meant - Good Money (video)
  • Move.meant Official Website
  • The Bassment

    Hey yo, it's been a long time - I shouldnt've left you.

    But I've been stateside for a hot minute, chilling out in Boston aka Beantown ya dun know. MA was all good, props to the crazy moe-foes's over at who kindly hooked me up with a bunch of free cd's and an invite to DJ Premier's private party.

    Although I was on the East Coast in April, this month I'm giving props to the West, specifically the alternative West Coast sound. I first got put onto the crew known as Move.meant via an internet radio show entitled The Bassment. My main man DJ Spider drops a mean combination of alternative hip hop and underground classics on the regular. When he's not mixing online or in the clubs, he's also one third of these laidback west-coasters, alongside Champ and Just Beats.

    The trio dropped a self titled debut EP in 2002, and were to improve on this with last years "Good Money EP", which spawned two tracks that featured in the successful flick "Crash". A new single has also just been released entitled "Higher b/w Relax", so I thought it was long overdue to give Move.meant a little bit of exposure in these quarters as their reputation continues to grow.

    Enjoy the Good Money video, if you're struggling to track down further material by Move.meant, you can pick it all up on itunes or care of the official website. Hope you guys come to the UK & Europe soon!

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