Saturday, December 23, 2006


Christmas Rappin' #4 - The 2006 Wrap Up!

Well we're now one year old, thanks to those who tuned in from the beginning and those who picked up CHHV and Breaking Atoms throughout 2006.

As the year comes to an end, it feels almost obligatory to wrap up things with a 'best of 2006' list!

Best LP
Louis Logic & JJ Brown - Misery Loves Comedy

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Modern day rap for hip hop thirtysomethings, hot and cold tales of relationships that you can relate to.

Best Single
People Under The Stairs - Tuxedo Rap

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I picked up The Stepfather whilst in Boston earlier this year at UGHH, and this track was the clear standout, despite the lukewarm response to the longplayer.

Best Hip Hop Retailer
Underground Hip, Boston MA

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Not only did they give a bunch of free cd's to commemorate my trip to Beantown, but they also gave me an invite to DJ Premier's private party!

Best Hip Hop Gig
Blade - Guerilla Tactics Lp Launch Party @ Cargo, Shoreditch, London (Feb 2006)

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A definitive "who's who's" in UK Hip Hop, including Hard Livin, Phi Life Cypher, Jehst, HKB Finn, Diversion Tactics, Headcase Ladz and of course Mr B.L.A.D.E. who has since retired from the game - good luck B in whatever you do next.

Non Hip Hop Event Of The Year
Visiting Boston and New England - April 2006

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Watching the Celtics beat the Heat, the Red Sox dropping a game against the Devil Rays, trekking round the area in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cape Cod was breathtaking, the malls took all my dollars!

Too Young To Die
Jay Dee - The Dilla
Professor X
Lynden David Hall
DJ Swing
Rest In Peace

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