Sunday, July 30, 2006


Step Back For The New Jack Swing #2

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  • Tony Toni Tone - The Blues (video)
  • Tony Toni Tone - Feels Good (video)
  • Tony Toni Tone - It Never Rains In California (video)
  • Tony Toni Tone - Whatever You Want (video)
  • Tony Toni Tone - Oakland Stroke (video)
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    We take it back to 1990 with the emergence of Tony Toni Tone as a major force in the NJS movement. Their sophomore lp 'The Revival' lit up the airwaves that summer with a non stop production line of classic 3T singles.

    Despite their overwhelming success, The Tonies decided to go on the downlow for three years while the New Jack Swing craze crashed and burned. A 3rd lp 'Sons of Soul' appeared with a more mature neo-soul sound, which was further consolidated on their final album 'House of Music' in 1997.

    Lead singer Raphael Saadiq went onto carve out a succesful solo career in the 00's, advancing 3T's mid 90's neo-sound into a gospeldelic soul kaliedescope.


  • Friday, July 21, 2006


    The English Patient #5

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  • Hijack - Daddy Rich (video)
  • Hijack - Live In Montreux

    We return to the legendary UK crew Hijack.....

    After releasing 2 fantastic debut singles on the UK imprint Music of Life, and upstaging various US acts whilst supporting them on tour, Hijack caught the attention of Ice T, who was looking for artists to sign to his newly formed record label Rhyme Syndicate.

    The end result was the minor 1990 hit 'The Badman Is Robbin", which in turn paved the way the following year for their only lp 'The Horns of Jericho'.

    The single "Daddy Rich" was used to promote the lp in the US, but failed to capture the imagination of the target audience. While Hijack were heavily concerntrating on breaking that market, their UK fans became a little disaffectionate with the use of Americanisms in the lp's lyrics. This created a vacum that Hijack were to fall into and never recover from. The crew disbanded with certain members resurfacing with solo projects throughout the 90's & 00's including work from Mr Pink & Mr Blond, DJ Supreme, DJ Pied Piper & Kamanchi Sly, the latter recently returning to the UK hip hop fold.

    Dispite mixed success when it was released 'The Horns of Jericho' has now acheived cult status in the both the UK & Euro hip hop scenes. The original vinyl now fetches crazy money on places like Ebay due it initially being unsuccessful and therefore only being released in limited quantities.

    We present the video to "Daddy Rich", which until earlier this year, I never knew existed. Alongside this is a live mp3 of Hijack doing their thing from 1990. Enjoy!

  • Monday, July 10, 2006


    C Box Baby!

    Well as it slows down in blogland, due to nicer weather keeping us all outdoors and live at the bbq, make sure you peep the CHHV C Box.

    Shout out your requests, big up your crew and where you're representin. The supafast way of getting your message across.

    It's located on the left hand sidebar, give it a whirl!



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